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ticl Your Fitness Body Coach for the Ages

ticl 20+ Years of Master Knowledge and Thousands of Clients

ticl Full-Body Holistic Fitness, Recovery, Stretch

ticl Body Warranty Expires after 40 – Jeri turns Impossible to POSSIBLITY

ticl Great Wisdom for the Intelligent Millenniums

ticl Advanced Fitness and Wellness Certifications

ticl Tailored Plans for Health, Injury, Posture and Spine Care

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Get The Feeling™ — Jeri has a Unique Vision of Fitness, Recovery Strategies and Total Body Care for Us 40+ and Intelligent Millenniums. Jeri | Master Personal Trainer | Body Coach | Stretch Therapist | Author | Empath.
As a teen, Jeri had a gift for heightened perception (or a sixth sense). she blended these elements as a gateway and link between fitness and consciousness. Sunok also famous as FLEX magazine editor and Weider book co-author: FLEXIBILITY.  Her Client List includes James Brolin, Kim Basinger, Sally Fields, and many big name Hollywood directors, writers, producers. The Sunok Methods and her journalism featured in hundreds of magazines.