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If you say something enough and breathe with it, all becomes a part of your life, not just a reflection of glass that appears transparent and easily breaks. So let’s talk about it.

   – Fit Enlightenment™ 

Jeri Lynn Sunok, founder of Fitness Intuitive, Inc., has her finger on the pulse of what people experience in fitness. She’s been there! From her fitness journalism and bodybuilding background — writing about and training with the very best bodies in the world — to advising thousands of exercisers every day for 30 years. Just like you, she falls, she ponders and she gets up to do it all again.

Podcast #1 :: I fall, I ponder and I get up.

Meet Jeri Lynn Sunok, founder of Fitness Intuitive, Inc..
With thousands of signature workout combinations, meditative breath work and fit-related affirmations, Jeri helps people nationwide tap into their own intuitive body consciousness. As an educator she teaches others to draw on their own internal powers to perform physical tasks at extraordinary levels.  She believes that enlightenment can come to us at any age and at any time.  Jeri’s signature — each training session begins or ends with her spiritual “Namaste” hello or goodbye expressing we all are one in this fitness game; our strides to awaken and maintain a Happy Mind, a Happy Body.


Podcast #2 :: Feeling out of kilter like Oprah? Need some star treatment?

Dr. Janice Seibert agrees with Jeri that the body warranty expires after forty. Jeri says,” Being fit and creating a happy mind is just part the whole body equation.” In 2009, Oprah Winfrey said menopause caught her "off guard" and that she's taking bioidentical hormones that have made a big improvement in how she feels. Besides listening to Jeri’s Fit Talk, who are YOU going to call for some star advise about hormones? Dr. Janice Seibert, 2006 Naturopathic Physicians Researcher of the Year, specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine at her Hormone Rejuvenation Center. Don’t get caught off guard like Oprah Winfrey, 55, who wrote in O, The Oprah Magazine, about how she felt "out of kilter" and had "issues" for two years and suspected it was hormonal imbalance.

Podcast #3 :: Fit Conversations with Buddha Series

Jeri says: Making FITNESS a way of living is imperative. It comes down to setting priorities and practice. During my spiritual practice with Billy, who offers me Buddhist teachings, he uses the word Dharma frequently to explain the path of awakening or personal Buddha enlightenments. Dharma is a Hindu word that encompasses varied meaning for many people. The Sanskrit root Dhr means, “that which is conducive to the highest good.” According to Deepak Chopra, the Sanskrit connotation is “purpose in life.” FITNESS is my passion, my purpose. There are many more exhilarating interviews to come in the Buddha series.

Podcast #4 :: What does being FIT mean to you?

For some, being fit may look easy. You’ll find out this is not always true. From excelling Sports Performance to releasing Hindering Habits- you name it; Dr. Kay Hocking from is there for you. YES, staying fit is hard work, but having a fit plan makes it easier.

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